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I finish it at 2am this morning. I read the entire book in a day in a half. Once you start reading you want be able to put the book down. I wasn’t expecting the last few chapters to end like it did WOW! You really did your thing! May God continue to bless You🙏🏾, you are very talented ! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I CANT WAIT FOR PART 2📖😫

Lakeisha Washington

This book exceeded my limitations. It was raw, it was real, something everyone whether Male or female could relate to. I enjoyed reading the book and just like coffee it was good down to the last word. Once I finishished I was looking for more, lol. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens to the characters. If you havent picked read it, my only question is what are you waiting for?!!


A Perfectly Imperfect Life is such a great book. Everything was so well put together. Everything that was written can happen in everyday life/ relationships and marriages. As I sat and read this book I pictured it being on T.V. as series. The Author herself is such a beautiful person inside and out ! So much hard work and time was put into this book. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for a good book to read.


I just completed #APerfectlyImperfectLife! It was phenomenal! Kept my attention all night 😂. My favorite character was Ms. Darla! MAGNIFICENT work product!! Expecting part 2 next week 😉. Love it

Opral Wisham

Omg! Like where do I begin ? Let’s just say I was up all night reading because once you start it gets so interesting you can’t stop. I kept telling myself imma just finish the next day but also wanted to know what would happen next lol. You did a good job Coleachia I’m just impatiently waiting on part two because the end of this book is a jaw dropper. MUST READ!

Tisheka Melancon

A Perfectly Imperfect Life was like reading a journal entry from my own life. I was able to relate to some of the challenges the main character, Serenity, faced throughout the book. The author is a natural story teller and I can’t wait to see this book come to life in a movie or tv series. I am now impatiently waiting for part 2.

Amazon Customer

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